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Essential Spa
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Aruba Spa
Aruba Spa
Essential Spa

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Essential Spa is an individual experience of complete relaxation,were the holistic and therapeutics treatments are combined, creating the wonderful feeling of health and beauty.

Manicure & Pedicure


The word therapeutic is an adjective that means having healing or curative qualities. It also means a treatment or activity intended to remedy or alleviate an undesirable condition.


Therapeutic manicures and pedicures provide revitalizing exfoliating treatments that help shed a few extra layers of dead skin, improving the appearance of your skin making it more soft and moist. Deluxe therapeutic pedicures can solve skin problems such as dry, chapped heels, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, corns, and calluses.


Special Packages


Our range of spa packages offer a combination of spa sessions and treatments plus the option of a meal and fruits salad.


The packages feature such spa delights as Aromatherapy massage or Hot Stones therapy.


Facial Care Theraphies


We use modern therapeutic methods with high quality products to achieve a satisfactory result in treatments for acne, aging, sun damage. Just as for the reduction of inflammation, dark spots, rashes and irritation. Suitable for any age and any skin type.


Stimulating collagen regeneration. It is an exhilarating experience for the skin.


¡It is truly amazing!


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