Scrubs & Wraps


Honey and brown sugar scrub:

60 min --- $85



Grape scrub:

60 min --- $85



Peach and coffee scrub:

60 min --- $85


The natural combination of glycolic acids and vitamins will give you a radiant skin.

With the power of grapes, natures own anti-oxidant refreshes, calms and hydrates your sensitive skin.

This mystic combination gives great exfoliation and soothing aroma therapy effects. Renews and replenishes the surface of your dehydrated skin.

Chocolate Wrap:

60 min --- $85

Aloe wrap:

60 min --- $85

Coconut wrap:

60 min --- $85

With the curative effects that chocolate pasta have, your skin will get a calming and therapeutic treatment

Aruba Aloe Vera wrap, a miraculous product of nature,specially made for skin that needs intensive care.

Pure coconut cream gives intensive hydration and a calming feeling to the super sensitive skin.

Prices are subject to change.

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